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Lords Valley Center for Spiritual Enlightment  

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Center For

Spiritual Enlightment

​The photos on this Web Site were all taken over a period of Thirty years.

Lyon RT 6 Matamorus PA   

One message or sign, opens a door to  ones  future .

Angel  blowing a Trumpet  

Photo taken Hemlock Farms.

Mission Statement

(LVCSE) indentifies with the mission statement of giving our hearts to all people to welcome Peace and Honesty into  ones life

Why the Lords Valley Center for Spiritual Enlightenment ?  

In ones life, where does Psychology end  and Spiritualty  begin.

​They have  helped me for many years bring myself back to a spiritual back ground . 

Being peace with ones self

Spiritualty is a look into ones future . Making a change . Correcting a path to better ones life