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Spiritual Enlightment

History affects mans future.

Souls Leaving    

Photo Taken February 17,2006

Looks like Missles being fired       

Lion in the valley

Photo Taken March 4, 2006

Photo taken March 10, 2006

Photo Taken October 23,2007  

Taken over Milford, Pa.

Photo taken in strip mall Lords Valley   

Photo taken February 21, 2006

December 18, 2007   

Rt. 209. Matamoras, Pa.

Angel or Christ in the clouds

Photo taken April 24, 2006  

NYS Thruway.

Man in the Clouds.

Christ vs. Devil   

Photo Taken April 13, 2006  Rabbit  

Between Lords Valley and the Promise Land .


Fire from the Hills

Photo taken on RT84     

Lords Valley